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Company News

Company News

Exhibitors introduce product developments and new services for the glass industry. Keep up-to-date with releases on awards, heads, etc. from our exhibitors.


Smart-Balustrade Stock Glass Panels

( Exhibitor name: Smart-Builder )

[01/09/2014] Designing with Stock Panels in Smart-Balustrade is easy. Smart-Balustrade can choose from your range of stock glass panels for frameless balustrades, pool fencing, gate and hinge panels as well as...Smart-Balustrade Stock Glass Panels - Read more

2015 SIL version release !

( Exhibitor name: Vertech  )

[29/08/2014] The new developments and functionalities of the SIL solution will be presented at Glasstec: - plant management Dashboard with notifications - Variable equipment follow up and management - Flexible...2015 SIL version release ! - Read more

New Anti Mist spray for glass

( Exhibitor name: Creative Resins International Ltd.  )

[28/08/2014] Creative Resins will be exhibiting and selling their new anti mist glass spray at the Glasstec show.   The new anti mist glass cleaner is designed to clean interior glass and mirrors, leaving an...New Anti Mist spray for glass - Read more

50 Years serving the glass industries

( Exhibitor name: Giancarlo Perego SpA  )

[28/08/2014] 2014 is Perego's 50th anniversary  50 Years serving the glass industries - Read more

New Machines are coming soon

( Exhibitor name: Guangdong Enkong Machinery Co., Ltd.  )

[28/08/2014] Enkong is developing and introducing kinds of new machines to the market. They are: CNC grinding machine with two working station Four side edger Horizontal drilling machine with movalable...New Machines are coming soon - Read more

Cancote - spray mirror in a can

( Exhibitor name: Creative Resins International Ltd.  )

[27/08/2014] Being sold this year for the first time is our Cancote mirror kit.  This is a mirror spray and backing in an aerosol making it easier to carry around and repair mirrors on site.  Available...Cancote - spray mirror in a can - Read more


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