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glass technology live

glass technology live

The special show “glass technology live“ with international trade symposium is a top attraction for visitors. Whether from a technical or an aesthetic point of view, this is where products and visions from research and practice are presented. The special interest themes in 2012 were: new material requirements and applications, façades and construction, solar and integral photovoltaics, innovative glass products such as curved glass, interiors and interior construction, design and aesthetics.

Special interest subjects
The focus of glass technology live will be once again game-changing innovations in the field of the high-tech material glass and its applications. Among others, new technologies in production will be presented as well as innovative functional glass, new glass products, and current research subjects.

Focus on subject areas
The presentation encompasses multiple subjects, each relating to the exhibits shown. The objects will be distinguished by their materiality, function, and form.

All highlights at a glance

  • Intelligent Glass and adaptive façade systems
  • New techniques in glass design and glass processing
  • Innovations in the area of solar thermal and photovoltaics, partly through the integration of high quality product technology.
  • Current developments in production and manufacturing processes
  • Applications of thin glass technologies: Handling of large formats and complex geometries as well as resource saving products.


Review 2012

glass technology live has established itself as the leading future show of the international glass sector over the last few years. In the scope of the visionary special show with the International Specialist Symposium. Pioneering glass developments were presented under the motto "Innovative Glass Functions" in 2012.

Innovation from Construction to Design
The presentation in hall 11 also included future-oriented façade constructions, shown through façade mock-ups and large format models, as well as latest solar products and BIPV applications.


New standards in application and development
New applications, which at the same time bring challenges to material development and processing, were the key topic of the special show. “glass technology live” presented the latest touchable developments and solutions.

Innovations from construction to design
The presentation in Hall 11 included pioneering facade constructions, which were shown using the example of facade mock-ups or large-size models and the latest solar products and BIPV applications.

The focus here was also on innovative glass products such as bent glass and the latest glass products for interiors and interior accessories. The varied range was rounded off with the latest impetus from research and development as well as glass design and aesthetics.

The special show was created and designed once again by Professor Stefan Behling and his team at the Institute for Building Construction at the University of Stuttgart.


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