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solar meets glass

solar meets glass

The 4th meeting of the solar and glass industry. In focus: markets, products, integration of solar products in building shells. In co-operation with Ostbayrisches Technologie- Transferinstitut e.V. (OTTI) and the association VDMA.

Time: 20-21 October 2014
Place: CCD Süd, Raum 01, Düsseldorf
Conference language: English


Glass as a material for solar production is of vital importance for reducing costs and increasing efficiency. On the other hand, the solar industry with its worldwide strong growth rates is an attractive market for the glass industry. As a result, both industries have a strong interest in optimising collaboration and fostering cross-industry communication.

Solar meets Glass is the key international event connecting the solar and glass industries. The collaboration between Messe Düsseldorf and OTTI e.V. (Ostbayerisches Technologie-Transfer-Institut e.V.) will now reach more international industry professionals than ever before. Presentations covering many different perspectives promise to capture the audience throughout this premium event.

Featured topics:

  • Industry and MarketUpdates
  • Trends and Emerging Markets
  • New Business Models for the Solar and Glass Industry
  • BIPV: Trends and Implications

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