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Glass supports take maximum loads and offer optimum transparency

Cone-shaped bearings make for additional aesthetic effects with horizontal elements.
Photos: HI-TEC-GLAS Grünenplan GmbH

The HI-TEC-GLAS Gruenenplan GmbH company has started manufacturing compound glass pillars in spring 2008. They carry extraordinary loads and may be used widely in glass architecture.

Newly-developed compound glass tubes made of borosilicate glass already caused quite a stir at the Glasstec 2002 exhibition. Since then nothing was heard of this “world’s first” in the sector for quite some time. In May this year, the HI-TEC-GLAS Gruenenplan GmbH company launched manufacturing load-bearing glass pillars in a professional manner.

The use of these glass tubes with such load carrying abilities is especially recommended if transparency is required over and above carrying loads. These tubes may be employed as vertical pillars or for horizontal supports at the outside façades of buildings, as well as for stair railings and banisters. Despite their filigree outward appearance, these glass tubes carry astonishing loads. Just a single compound glass tube with an external diameter of 200 millimetres and a wall thickness of nine millimetres may carry a load of about 33 metric tons.

Mr. Karl-Heinz Dasecke and Mr. Manfred Dittmar, the founder and the manager of HI-TEC-GLAS GmbH, respectively, have already worked on this project for more than two years. Theirs is a young company. Building on developments by the Schott concern and by the Institute for construction-research attached to the university of Stuttgart, which presented their “world’s first“in 2002, they said that they have further developed the materials’ mix and the manufacturing methodology for pillars and tubes made of glass to make them marketable.


Constructive elements of a compound glass pipe made of borosilicate glass.

Extraordinary high load carrying abilities

These pillars and tubes, made of high-transparency, chemicals and high-temperature resistant borosilicate glass even surpass the carrying strength of concrete and steel in some parameters. Not only may they replace traditional wood, steel or concrete supports, but may also be employed for all other supporting frameworks, as well as for structures, in which tensile and pressure forces are subdivided into different components.

The transparent supports and tubes are made of a core tube, positioned on the inside, which is permanently fixed to a segmented cover tube by a specific gluing process. This compounding of the two tubes, where the inside section offers support, whereas the outer part offers protection, makes for properties that may be compared to those of safety glass. Following information offered by the HI-TEC-Glas company such glass pillars and tubes will retain their load carrying abilities over long periods of time and even when massively damaged.

Specific engineering solutions for bedding and pressure carrying guarantee extremely high-load carrying strengths of pillars and tubes. When using compound glass tubes for architectural purposes, the most important demands imposed are a high and guaranteed resistance to pressure, high buckle-proof strength as well as maximum residual stability. As the company, based at Delligsen (Lower Saxony) stated, its new glass pillars fully meet all of them. Its compound glass tubes are marketed with external diameters ranging from 85 to 240 millimetres. Pillar lengths vary, depending on the chosen diameter. It may go up to 4.60 metres at a diameter of 165 millimetres.

Load-bearing glass at glastec 2008

In the fair halls of glasstec 2008, to be held from 21 to 25 October, and in particular at the glass technology live special display quite a number of very interesting items will be on display. They will bear out the performance potential of glass for load-bearing elements. Also at previous glasstec exhibitions, new load-bearing glass supports were on display. Their objective was to advance developments. Also at this year’s glasstec there will be a number of world’s firsts.
Please see Hi-Tec-Glas Gruenenplan GmbH at the Glasstec exhibition: Hall 11, Stand B26


Herstellbares Durchmesser-/Längenspektrum

Tragendes Glas auf der glasstec 2008

In den Messehallen der glasstec 2008 und insbesondere in der Sonderschau glass technology live werden vom 21. bis 25. Oktober eine ganze Reihe hochinteressanter Objekte präsentiert, die das Leistungspotenzial von Glas als tragendes Bauelement eindrucksvoll belegen. Mit dem Ziel, die Entwicklung voranzutreiben, wurden schon bei den vorherigen Auflagen der glasstec immer wieder neue tragende Glaskonstruktionen präsentiert. Auch auf glasstec 2008 wird es diesbezüglich wieder Weltpremieren geben.

Hi-Tec-Glas Grünenplan GmbH auf der glasstec: Halle 11, Stand B26


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Glass pillars may replace concrete or steel supports, when - in addition to load-bearing strength - transparency is required.

Transparent façade: The new building materials are made of high-transparency, chemicals and heat resistant borosilicate glass. Photos: HI-TEC-GLAS Gruenenplan GmbH

Specifically developed bearings guarantee high load-bearing strength.

Rod-head bearings for vertical and horizontal assembly.

Ball-head or spherical-segment bearings – the ideal solution for vertical pillars.