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Multi-functional insulation glass

An extraordinary example for the use of OKAGEL is the new research station Halley VI in Antarctica. Despite extreme climatic conditions, the glazing produces comfortable warmth inside the station and diffuses soft daylight into the common rooms.

At glasstec 2008, Okalux GmbH presents OKAGEL, a highly effective insulation glass with light diffusing nanogel in the clearance between the panes.

Okalux reports that, for more than 40 years, it has been dealing with the issue of how intelligent façade products may reduce the energy consumption of buildings. The focus is on highly effective heat insulation, increased utilization of daylight and the selective production of solar heat input. With OKAGEL, the company has developed a specialty insulation glass, which combines in one several of the functions required of modern glass products. Thanks to its extraordinary physical characteristics, OKAGEL is suitable for numerous applications. Wherever diffusion of light in combination with excellent heat and noise insulation are required, this innovative product can show its strengths.

Highly functional interior

In contrast to common insulation glass products, the clearance between the panes of OKAGEL is not filled with the inert gases argon or krypton, but rather with a UV-proof, translucent nanogel. The nano-porous granulate material offers a number of advantages. It provides an optimal and even flow of light into the room regardless of changing radiation conditions and simultaneously offers reliable glare protection. In addition to excellent heat insulation, variability with regards to light transmission (TV 10-38% according to DIN EN 410) and the total energy transmission rate (g 10-37 % according to DIN EN 410), OKAGEL offers also outstanding noise insulation (52 dB), reports the manufacturer.

Other advantages of the insulation glass are:
- UV protection according to requirements
- appealing look in daylight and artificial light
- optical depth effect when viewed from inside or outside


Product comparison in roof glazing

Variable options for superstructures

Glass superstructures with a clearance between panes of 30 to 60 mm are possible. The type and thickness of the glass depend on the static stress requirements. Depending on the superstructure, thermal conductivity values between 0.6 and 0.3 W/m2K can be achieved. Thus, the new insulation glass achieves passive house standard without problem. Values as good as these are usually only offered by triple-insulation glass. However, such products weigh significantly more than the innovation from Marktheidenfeld. OKAGEL may be used in roof glazing or façades.
Okalux specifies the maximum standard dimension as 1000 mm x 2000 mm. Special sizes are available. Interested visitors may inspect OKAGEL at the Special Exhibition glass technology live in hall 11, stand B26. A special presentation on the product and its features is offered in connection with the symposium of the Special Exhibition on 24 October at 11:25 am.

Functional insulation glass at glasstec 2008

In light of progressing global warming and rising energy prices, the need for high-performance functional glass is increasing noticeably. Modern insulation glass contains heat inside the building, protects from solar radiation and yet allows for the utilisation of the sun’s rays. If needed, it can be manufactured to also offer reliable noise and fire protection. At glasstec 2008, leading glass manufacturers and refiners show which products are currently available on the market and which functional configurations will be possible in future.


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95 percent of the volume of the aerogel nanogel integrated in the clearance between the panes consists of air. Because of the low solid content and the extremely small size of the pores, the light diffusing glass filling effectively prevents thermal conduction and convection.
Photos: OKALUX GmbH

The use of OKAGEL is favoured whenever a combination of light diffusion as well as heat and noise insulation is required.