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New Additions to PRILOX® S

New Additions to PRILOX® S

Glassblend GmbH

Glassblend, a member of the Dorfner Group is expanding its product range. The PRILOX® S, ready-to-use glass batch, a brand product which is popular with glass manufacturers that wish to dispense with a batch house has been supplemented with two new developments.

With PRILOX® S Micro Pellets, the customers are provided with a solution when it comes to avoiding the development of dust, without having to make large investments in technical process improvements. The product can especially make use of its advantages when processing lead crystal batches. The user also benefits from a valuable side effect. Glassblend has succeeded in bringing the right reaction partners together, resulting in it being possible to achieve a reaction which is beneficial when it comes to melting. This results in energy savings and an optimized CO2 emission.

PRILOX® S Studio Nuggets are ideal for glass artists who want to fully concentrate on their creativity. These glass nuggets are ready to use and can also be processed on aggregates with a low melting performance.


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