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Exhibitors’ Opinions on glasstec/solarpeq 2010

Exhibitors’ Opinions on glasstec/solarpeq 2010


Bohle AG, Dominik Hinzen, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications:
“Foreign visitors are extremely important to us. 70% of the visitors to our stand on the first two days came from outside Germany. For us as an international company it is obviously important to approach those countries where we do not have branch offices. Which means we are very satisfied with the international spread of the fair.”

Federal Association of Glazier Trades
(Bundesinnungsverband der Glaserhandwerks, BIV)
Martin Gutmann, Federal Guild Master:
“I have just come from the stand of a large international company in our association. They were very satisfied with trade fair business. The level of international visitors is fantastic for them. Furthermore, the trade fair is not only an indicator but also an initiator. This is very positive – and something already being felt in the glazier trade as the orders are already there.”

Bystronic glass, Richard Jakob, CEO:
“After the difficult year in 2009 we have finally moved out of the “valley of tears” and you can feel optimism everywhere. This is reflected by busy movement at the stand showing that our potential customers are here (…) We have had four very good days; this applies to both contacts made with customers, deals concluded and contracts etc. There is a marked interest in and demand for all products. (…) What struck me is that there are many decision-makers here. A Russian customer, for example, concluded a spontaneous six-digit–Euro deal with us yesterday.”
Glas Trösch Holding AG, Jürgen K. Servais, Member of the Group Management
“The internationality is very good. The talks we had here were more positive across the board than 2 years ago. Well, there is a general, basic optimism prevailing so that a good follow-up business can be expected, too. I am one of the supporters of solarpeq: it is true that we still have little interest in the solar segment yet but it is the first time for this trade fair to be held here and time will tell that this decision was right.”

Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH, Egbert Wenninger, Authorised Signatory, Executive Board Member:
“After 2008 we had very high expectations and these have been met so far. Until now the contacts made and talks held have been very good. We are very satisfied at this point. We also anticipate very good follow-up business after the fair. I think it is safe to assume, as far as glass is concerned, the market will pick up over the next year.”

Lisec Maschinenbau GmbH, Manfred Lesiak, Marketing Event Manager:
“Basically I am surprised how things are looking for us. The business deals made here have been much better than expected. Concluding deals at the fair is not so common in our sector but we closed a deal here with Egypt, for instance. Customers also see the direction we are taking at the solarpeq stand and this attracts attention. The trade fair has been very successful so far. We had very many international visitors. (…) We expect very good follow-up business after the fair.”

ZIPPE Industrieanlagen GmbH, Dr. Bernd-Holger Zippe, President & CEO:
”We are satisfied with the fair this year. We have noticed a great difference over 2008. In 2008 you could really feel the economic crisis starting, which made people hold back while now thankfully you can sense an upturn. (…) The VDMA Symposium is sure to have attracted very many participants yesterday which was very gratifying and in the afternoon we noticed a real surge of visitors to our stand. We could not even keep up. (…) The quality of visitors is very high. Decision makers come in person – something glasstec can be proud of.”