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K-Therm® AS

Werkstoffdaten der Isolierungen auf Basis K- Therm® AS Materialbeschreibung der Faserzemente: K- Therm®...more


Materialbeschreibung Gleitwerkstoffe Die GleitTherm® Hochleistungswerkstoffe bestehen aus organischen Fasern und...more

Dura Temp Corp.
Holland, OH, USA
FortiPHY Ultra Endurance Coatings

Dura Temp Corporation introduces Phygen FortiPHY coated plates Dura Temp Corporation is pleased to introduce...more

Essemce AB
Lindas, Sweden

All shears, except GS- 4, can be supplied with normal (N) or small (S) handles. Size "N" with yellow coating and "S"...more

Gedevelop AB
Helsingborg, Sweden
Glass Fiberizing and Wool Industry

All over the world manufacturers in the glass fiberizing and wool industry are interested to increase the quality of...more

Tools for glass

blowing irons, punty irons, yokes, blow iron roller, wooden blocks, mechanical boy, blowing moulds, optical moulds,...more

Drehstrom und Einphasenwechsel- Strommotoren in Flachbauweise. • Produktbeschreibung Durch ihre kompakte und...more

Mechanisch stufenlos verstellbarer Antrieb mit reibschlüssiger Kraftübertragung für horizontale und...more

PhoenixTM GmbH
Bad Oeynhausen, Germany
Pneumofore S.p.A.
Rivoli (To), Italy
Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps for IS Machines

Models: UV series with Variable Speed Drive Option (VS) The variable speed (VS) drive option allows a constant...more

glass container forming systems

At Quantum, we remain committed to the intelligent engineering of glass container forming systems. Solving your...more

Syringe forming machine FS 16

Vertical 16/12- heads indexing motion machine for the production of syringe barrels from glass...more

Vial forming machine RP 16

Vertical 16/8- heads indexing motion machine for the production of tubular glass...more

Treviglio (BG), Italy

Line for processing ampoules: - dimensional check - processing section of the tip (Marzocchi closure, Rota and cut) -...more

ZETA 103

is the fastet high precision system for the production of pharmaceutical cartridges from glass tubes, mainly used for...more

ZETA 098

Complete automatic unit for producing vials: -tube loader -sequential two- out index forming machine -working line:...more

Antonini S.r.l.
Empoli (Fi), Italy
Annealing lehrs

Guaranty low energy consumption during any kind of use, a long service life thanks to the high quality materials used,...more

Mould pre-heating ovens

The technology used for the mould pre- heating ovens is analogous to that of the annealing and decorating ovens, thus...more

Decorating lehrs

These lehrs comprise an uncovered infeed section, necessary to automatically or manually load the articles; a warming,...more

E.W. Bowman, Inc.
Uniontown, PA, USA

Heated zones are completely lined with stainless steel, cooling zones with high quality carbon steel. Belt frames, fans...more

George Lane & Sons Ltd.
Birmingham, Great Britain / Northern Ireland
Lehr Belts, Glass Manufacturing Belts

Used on lehrs worldwide for annealing and decorating of glass containers. Manufactured to ensure smooth running...more

Global Oven Systems BV
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Glass industry

Global Oven Systems supplies annealing and decorating lehrs for almost all glass applications....more

Kelviplast GmbH & Co. KG
Linsengericht, Germany

Our cooling units and chillers satisfy the highest requests for safety, environment protection, energy efficiency and...more

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