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'Star Glass International'
Building 3, 22 Boytsovaya St.,
107150 Moscow, Russian Federation

Phone: +7 495 7950001

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Glass blocks


In 2002 launch of modern computerized equipment manufactured by German firm Walter for moulding modern interior glass blocks took place at the plant. Due to unique technical capabilities of this equipment, interior glass blocks of Star’Glass company are commensurable to the similar products of world's manufacturers in terms of quality and design.
Now one can say that such an item as a glass block got a second birth at the plant of Star’Glass. Engineers of the company managed to improve that item’s operational and aesthetic characteristics considerably, and in the end of day, to change completely a doleful, “Soviet-like” outlook of the domestically produced glass blocks. Now it’s a modern, multifunctional, building material of high quality at a reasonable price. That is new outlook of Russian glass block.
The plant of Star’Glass company has been manufacturing glass blocks for more than 40 years. The plant has modern molding equipment and its own foundry that allow us to modify pattern, form and size of glass block at a customer’s choice. Great technical capabilities of Walter’s equipment combined with our two-century tradition of color glass manufacturing let us impart to the product different shades and colors.
Glass blocks of Star’Glass show the best European quality at a reasonable price.

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