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LISEC Maschinenbau GmbH
Peter-Lisec-Str. 1
3353 Seitenstetten, Austria

Phone: +43 7477 405-0
Fax: +43 7477 405-80

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Product Categories
Cutting technology for float glass  
Cutting technology for laminated safety glass  
Devices for coating removal  
Mechanical snapping devices  
Grinding techniques for straight edges  
Grinding techniques for patterned glass  
Grinding techniques for formed glass  
Laser-isolating technology  
Laser-marking technology  
Complete plant for insulating glass production  
Production equipment for spacers  
Production equipment for insulating glass frames  
Edge deletion equipment  
Gas filling machines and gas devices  
Sealing techniques  
Furnaces for thermal pre-tempering of glass  
Laminated glass technology with foil for architectural glass  
Washing machines and equipment  
Surface, contour and imperfection measurement and control  
MRP/CAD/CIM systems  
Inspection, protocolling and diagnostic systems  
Optimization systems for cutting and yield  
Process control systems  
Other control systems  
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Better with Thin Glass

Triple I.G. Units with the Weight of Common Double I.G. Units Triple I.G. units provide excellent thermal insulation values and will therefore be used as a standard glazing in the very near future. But conventional triple units also have some disadvantages: Inevitably they are thicker and also considerably heavier, which complicates their mounting. Furthermore, due to their increased weight, they require strengthened profiles and mountings for windows and facades.

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