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Leybold Optics GmbH
Siemensstr. 88
63755 Alzenau in Unterfranken, Germany

Phone: +49 6023 500197
Fax: +49 6023 500374

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As one of the world leaders in thin film technology, Leybold Optics develops and manufactures vacuum deposition equipment for a broad range of applications. Originally, the foundation for the firm’s present-day success was laid by inventors Ernst Leybold and Wilhelm Carl Heraeus 160 years ago. Since the beginning of 2012 Leybold Optics belongs to the Bühler Group located in Switzerland. Leybold Optics is a globally active high-tech company with over 550 employees in total. The headquarters are located in Alzenau (Germany); main production facilities operate in Dresden, Beijing, Shanghai and North Carolina. A network of sales and service centers around the globe ensures close contact to the extensive customer base and effective support for more than 2000 systems in the field.

Leybold Optics products are grouped into two divisions: Optics and Solar. The portfolio offered by the Solar Division includes vacuum systems for the photovoltaic industry as well as machines for the coating of architectural glass, displays and other large surfaces. In photovoltaics, Leybold Optics is unique in covering all major thin film cell technologies, both on glass as well as on flexible substrates. The Optics Division commercializes deposition systems for precision optics, eyeglass coating, the automotive and the electronics industry. A top priority for Leybold Optics is innovation leadership in key areas such as sputtering, PECVD, plasma assisted evaporation, machine automation and software, as well as world-class customer service. In the served application areas, Leybold Optics machines typically set the benchmark for machine performance. Leybold Optics is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

We do it with precision and perfection, being engineers and pioneers.

Leybold Optics – The Thin Film Company

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