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  • Hall 15 / D23
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glasstec 2016 hall map (Hall 15): stand D23

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glasstec 2016 fairground map: Hall 15

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.10  Cold end technology for float glass, laminated glass, wired glass and other types of flat glass
  • 01.10.01  Optimization of glass cutting and glass production yield

Optimization of glass cutting and glass production yield

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.13  Conveying, transport, packing and warehouse technology
  • 01.13.01  Feeding and stacking systems

Feeding and stacking systems

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.13  Conveying, transport, packing and warehouse technology
  • 01.13.07  Vehicles for glass transport
  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.01  Cutting, breaking and snapping technology
  • 02.01.01  Cutting technology
  •  Cutting technology for float glass

Cutting technology for float glass

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.06  Coating technology
  • 02.06.01  Vacuum coating equipment

Vacuum coating equipment

  • 05  Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • 05.01  Measurement and control technology, sensoring
  • 05.01.02  Inspection technology
  •  Inspection of surface, contour and imperfection

Inspection of surface, contour and imperfection

  • 05  Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • 05.02  Regulation technology
  • 05.02.01  MRP machine and transport adjustment

MRP machine and transport adjustment

Our products

Product category: Optimization of glass cutting and glass production yield, Feeding and stacking systems, Vehicles for glass transport, Cutting technology for float glass, Vacuum coating equipment, Inspection of surface, contour and imperfection, MRP machine and transport adjustment

Grenzebach: High-Tech meets Automation

Float Glass

Ranging from endless glass ribbons to stacked individual sheets to the glass warehouse: Whether we are talking float glass, structured or wired glass, thin glass, coated glass, laminated glass or other special glasses. We are setting the standards for processing and handling sheet glass. More than 300 Grenzebach lines worldwide are relying on maximum cutting and stacking precision.

Coating Technology

Due to their coating, finished glass is much more energy-efficient and thus highly demanded for the use in the modern architecture. Innovative machine and process technology from ensure best results of the coating process. In addition, the development of new coating systems in the area of low-e, solar control and solar technology supported by Grenzebach present new ways.


From the solar cell up to the module, we realize production equipment for solar industry. High accuracy loading, handling and assembly equipment, manipulators, robots, inspection systems, and the Grenzebach process control technology serve in crystalline, thin film, concentrator and solar thermal energy production facilities and open up the way to integrated logistics in combination with our storage and accumulator systems.


Extremely thin with a thickness of 0.3 mm and for this reason extremely sensitive! Display glass requires special knowledge about handling, transport, cutting and stacking. Grenzebach solutions fulfil the highest requirements to production technology for LCD and TFT displays, OLEDs and Touch Panels in the clean room.


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Innovative technologies for thin-glass production and processing

Product category: Optimization of glass cutting and glass production yield

New cutting head applies constant pressure

Come and visit us in hall 15 at booth D23 to learn about Grenzebach’s novelties, one of which is the brand new cutting head developed specifically for thin glass. While it is quite challenging to apply constant pressure onto the glass using a preset value, the trick is done by the strain gage, added to the cutting head, which records the applied pressure in real time. The enhanced Cutting Force Controller (CFC) can automatically adjust pressure diverting from the set value. Werner Rührer, Sales Director Float Glass, adds that the strain gage data allows for generating a constant cutting pressure even on wavy glass. Consistent cutting pressure produces significantly less waste compared to conventional cutting approach while at the same time an improved scoring and snapping quality can be accomplished. Furthermore, the collected data can be stored in a database for analysis and subsequent control system optimization. "If the data shows a consistently moving up and down cutting pressure, this might be an indicator for improper glass thickness settings." says Rührer. The cutting head is available not only for new but also for existing Grenzebach processing lines. It is suited for all glass thicknesses with particular focus on thin glass ranging between 0.1 and 1.2 millimeters.

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Reduction of costs and emissions in the glass production process,
Glass Industry 4.0 - integration of products and processes

Product category: Vehicles for glass transport

Automated Guided Vehicles with direct interim store access

A special highlight at the show will be an Automated Guided Vehicle for the distribution of glass packs. Markus Gruber, representing the company's "New Business" states: "We want to automate the individual glass pack distribution." Although Grenzebach supplies complete processing lines, process automation stops with glass off-loading onto racks. In-house transportation to the distribution point or interim store and further to truck loading is mainly handled with fork lift trucks. Drivers work three shifts around the clock. Grenzebach developed a system to bring the racks to the distribution points automatically. The vehicles are customized for the specific demands and use "contour navigation" states Roland Jenning, Manager Research and Development. They explore their environment by means of laser scanners to allow autonomous orientation. This entirely new self-learning system requires no modifications to existing sites. The presented L1200S is a futuristic looking vehicle suited for loads of up to 1200 kilograms. "We can build transport vehicles with a carrying capacity of up to 5 tons", says Roland Jenning. The design is customized to actual needs. For Grenzebach, automatic transportation from the stacking area to the distribution center is just the first step. The next step will be to automate transportation between the distribution point and the truck loading point. Gruber: "We trust to accomplish this step in a foreseeable future."

The L1200S (first on the left) is just one of the self-guided vehicles Grenzebach can supply. They not only transport glass racks from point A to point B automatically but other materials as well.

Grenzebach supplies the “Cold End” for flat glass lines - including glass stacking onto racks. The goal is to automate glass pack transportation to the distribution point with Automated Guided Vehicles.

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About us

Company details

Grenzebach: High-Tech meets Automation

For more than 40 years Grenzebach has played a major role in the glass industry. Thanks to our vast experience and intelligent solutions just about anything can be produced with the Grenzebach production technology: Whether it be thin glass for your smartphone or architectural glass for impressive facades.

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Company data

Sales volume

> 100 Mio US $

Export content

> 75%

Number of employees

> 500



Area of business
  • Glass manufacture / Production technology
  • Glas processing and finishing
  • Glass products and applications
  • Measurement, testing, control technology and software
Target groups
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing
  • Solar Glass/Technical Glass