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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.10  Technical processing, treatment, finishing design.
  • 03.10.03  Glass finishing
  •  Surface Finishing Technology/Print
  •  Paints for Injket, digital printing
  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.10  Technical processing, treatment, finishing design.
  • 03.10.03  Glass finishing
  •  Glass painting/glass art
  •  Glass paints

Our products

Product category: Paints for Injket, digital printing

Digital Ceramic Inks for glass (Krystal-cid)

TORRECID GROUP is nowadays the leader in the sale of digital inks due to being a pioneer in developing digital printing technology from 2004. The reliability of the inks, the best chromatic range as well as the largest assortment of innovative effects, are providing the greatest added value to all our customers together with an all-round customized service.

The ceramic inks Krystal-cid are manufactured with the most sophisticated production and control systems. Our exclusive R&D department maximizes the inks quality to offer the greatest performance and the highest yield among the various digital printing systems.


Pioneers in the creation of ceramic inks.
The Largest producer of ceramic inks in the world.
Leaders in innovation and development of inks, offering the largest range of special effects for glass.
The best chromatic range at our customers' service.
Complete consistency in ink manufacture ensures the same shade is used throughout production.

·         100% reliable performance during the printing process.

·         The longest expiry date in the market.

·         Extensive controls ink-machine compatibility

·         Inks and cleaning solutions adapted to the machines.

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Product category: Glass paints

Glass Enamel Solutions

AL-FARBEN is offering a complete range of ceramic enamels to decorate glass for several applications, suitable for temperatures between 560-700°C. Among the most important, we offer products for architectural glass, furniture, appliances as well as automotive applications.

 We offer lead-free products, water-friendly or non-water friendly based, which provide high chemical stability, opacity and brightness, as well as abrasion resistance.

Available in:

Any colour from RAL scale
Acid-etch effect (any colour)
Phosphorescent pigments
Metallic effects
Luster effects
Non-slip materials (any colour)
Coatings suitable for solar control glass
Outdoor exposure enamels

Paints for appliances applications
Paints for automotive applications

Application methods:


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Product category: Glass paints

"Colorize by Yourself"

AL-FARBEN is offering the possibility of archiving any RAL for tempering process from a package of basic colours, through the solution “Colorize by yourself”. This is the most suitable solution for companies which are looking how to improve its flexibility and therefore time response to its final customers.

“Colorize by yourself” is available for temperatures between 580-700°C, lead-free based and water friendly, archiving good chemical stability, opacity, Abrasion resistance and brightness.

Available in:

Any colour from RAL scale
Acid-etch effect (any colour)

Suitable for:

Architectural glass
Indoor decoration and furniture

Application methods:


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Product category: Paints for Injket, digital printing, Glass paints

Precious Metals

Within Torrecid Group, we count on a precious metal division offering a large portfolio of products for different applications that request high added value.

Gold and Platinum paste
Luster effects
Silver Paste

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Product category: Glass paints

Low temperature stains and effects

Colours for low temperature (800-850°C), with or without lead, for fired tiles, fusing and glass mosaicColours for metallic effects (temperature 800-1140ºC)
Pigments of high thermal stability allowing long firing cycles without color fading
Stain colors for fusing glass
Pigments for tableware

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Product category: Glass paints

Glaze Stains - Inorganic Pigments

Inorganic pigments produced by calcination of mixtures of metal oxides at high temperature.


Thermal and chemical stability
Optimal particle size distribution
Maximum intensity


Double firing
Single firing
Porcelain stoneware glazes 
Tintometric systems
Vitreous mosaic
Roof Tiles

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About us

Company details

AL-FARBEN (Torrecid Group) is a world leader company providing products, services, solutions and future trends to Glass Sector.

Committed to Serve Customers Worldwide, Torrecid Group is present in 25 countries around the world with customers in more than 120 countries. Its headquarters are located in Castellón, Spain.

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AL-FARBEN within Torrecid Group, is leading the glass market through innovation, offering a wide range of products and solutions like glass ceramic enamels as well as digital ceramic inks for glass (Krystal-cid), ensuring the best competitive advantages and added value.

We serve products and solutions to all glass industries such as architectural and furniture, white goods and appliances, automotive market and hollow glass. Some of the products we offer are: RAL colors; metallic effects; non-slip effects; luster effects; phosphorescent pigment; coatings for solar control glass; coatings for outdoor exposure...

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Visit us in Hall 12 / Stand A33 to see our latest innovations.

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