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Product categories

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.05  Forming for flat glass
  • 01.05.03  Casting and rolling technology

Casting and rolling technology

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.09  Kiln technology
  • 01.09.01  Transport systems

Transport systems

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.09  Kiln technology
  • 01.09.03  Annealing lehrs, continuous/intermittent operation

Annealing lehrs, continuous/intermittent operation

  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.01  Flat glass
  • 03.01.01  Float and mirror glass

Float and mirror glass

  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.01  Flat glass
  • 03.01.05  Thin glass

Thin glass

Our products

Product category: Float glass technique

Metal Donut™ Lehr Roller

New Hudson introduced the Metal Donut Roller in 1986 in response to the industry’s interest in having only metal rollers in the annealing lehr. Several hundred Metal Donut Rollers are now operating successfully in float glass lines worldwide.

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Product category: Float glass technique

Stainless Steel Lehr & Lift Out Rollers

New Hudson Corporation began manufacturing  Stainless Steel Lehr Rollers over 52 years ago.  Since that time NHC has produced thousands for over (215) float lines worldwide, using our expertise in Design, Engineering and “Know How”.

Stainless Rollers are typically made in 305, 216 and 203mm diameters and in 25/20, 25/12, 18/8 and 25/4 Chrome/Nickel alloys.

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Product category: Float glass technique

Freedom Coat™ & Freedom Coat™ Plus Ceramic Coated

New Hudson introduced the Freedom Coat™ Roller back in 1997 as a solution for Sodium Sulfate and Tin Oxide build-up occurring on the surface of Stainless Steel Rollers. Today, the Freedom Coat Plus™ Roller is the preferred option for Ultra Thin and High Quality Automotive glass production. The result is an extremely smooth and hard polished roller surface. A surface that can be easily and effectively cleaned either in the plant without special equipment or in the lehr at operating temperature. The hard ceramic surface can withstand aggressive cleaning methods without damaging the roller surface. Additionally, the thermal barrier characteristics of the various ceramic coating options reduce heat transfer between the glass and the lehr roller. And no, the ceramic coating will not spall off due to thermal shock. Please contact us to discuss how Freedom Coat™ might benefit your float glass operation.

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Product category: Float glass technique

HTC™ – High Temperature Composite Lehr Rollers

New Hudson Corporation introduced the HTC™ High Temperature Composite Ringed Roller to the float glass industry in 1991.  By the end of this year,  over 2500 rollers will be operating successfully in (80) float lines worldwide.  Today, the HTC™ Roller is the preferred option for the production of Ultra Thin and High Quality Automotive  glass.

The HTC™ roller eliminates embedded cullet, which can become embedded in the surface of a covered roller and also roll mark problems in the cold end of the lehr.

The HTC™ roller is intended for use in lehr zones with circulating air.

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Product category: Float glass technique

Non- Asbestos Covered Lehr Rollers

New Hudson was a pioneer in the development of Non-Asbestos covered lehr rollers back in 1979.  Since then this Mineral Fiberboard has been chosen by glassmakers in more than (90) float lines globally.

FF800 (MB800)

Covered lehr rollers are very common in the flat glass industry typically used in B, C, D, and RET zones of the annealing lehr.  The most frequently used material is Tenmat’s MB800  introduced back in 1981. This material designed as  alternative to asbestos materials.

Covered rollers are non-marking, have less of an affinity for sodium sulfate and dross deposits and provide excellent dimensional stability in the lehr.  The primary disadvantage of covered rollers is the occurrence of embedded cullet and vulnerability to cullet damage.

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John T. Sukenik founded New Hudson Corporation in 1962. NHC has served the float glass industry since 1965, offering innovative products and services that assist our customers in improving quality and reducing costs. Our complete line of proprietary lehr roller products are well recognized as proven performers by all of the major glass producers worldwide. New Hudson Corporation is located in New Hudson, Michigan, which is 45 miles northwest of Detroit. In addition to our manufacturing facility in New Hudson, we operate a near-by vertical heat treating facility in Milford, Michigan and by partnership arrangement, float glass lehr roll refurbishing facilities in Chauny, France and Shandong, China.

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