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  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.08  Insulation glass technology
  • 02.08.01  Plants for insulating glass production
  •  Plants for triple glazing

Our products

Product category: Plants for triple glazing

FJX2500/2000-CNC Insulating Glass Automatic

1.Economical and practical adapt to glass deep processing enterprises.
2.Friendly, succinctly, easily designed of interface makes convenient for operation.
3.Finished coating IC units can be stored on the third conveyor and increases efficiency.
4.All edges and corners are fully coating and no air line, smooth surface without repair of the corners.
5.Servo control system uses the world-famous brands.
6.Smoothly convey and accurately positioning for the glass by belt conveyor.
7.Unique V-belt transmission to reduce the viscose of the belt and keep cleaning of the glass edges.
8.All parts with high standard ensure the stability of the equipment.

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Product category: Plants for triple glazing

GT02 Bicomponent Rubber-spreading Machine

This machine is the production of hollow glass curtain wall to play a special plastic, sealed in the realization of 2 A,B groups were mixed with a glue to complete. Particularly suited to the requirements of the ratio of precision plastic kind of harsh for doors and windows and walls of glass deep processing enterprises efficient, high-quality, high pass rate of the production line operating needs.

This machine broke through the traditional structures. Rack used welding as a whole, the increase in the gantry, welding triangle pose a stable structure, work to over-come the cantilever shake; B double-pump column, two-platen sealing Road, and solve the group were easy to glue oxide leakage problem; optimizing control Road design, to address the slow flow of similar products.

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Product category: Plants for triple glazing

XZT-03 Automatic Rotary Rubber-spreading table

1. It may rotate freely at 360°
2. It can be controlled by the pedal valve with convenience control, rotates freely and stops angle.
3. The table can be adjusted up and down.

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Product category: Plants for triple glazing

WGT06-CNC-2 Auto Bicomponent Rubber Spreading

1.Based on Windows Ce system of the CNC system development touch screen, have a key operation, fast response, high precision and advantages.
2.Imported servo control system, reliable and steady performance.
3.The control voltage choose 24V power supply, safety production.
4.Back pressure floating type rubber mouth, allowing the hollow glass dislocation 2mm conditions, can get four edges even, full four corners.
5.Automatic detection aluminum strip depth, intelligent adjustment glue,glue side is flat bump.
6.No artificial repair,once get perfect products.
7.Universal manipulator material (glass), mobile and flexible, lightweight, glue glass never pollution.
8.Adapter industry all model unit portion, two-component glue machine.
9.High reliability, high quality and high safety.

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Product category: Plants for triple glazing

TJJ07 Butyl Coating Machine

- Automatic control of nozzle width in application of pneumatic and hydraulic parallel method
- Possible to control a precise temperature and 1/100 sec interval of sensor perception
- Easily and quickly changeable of spacer width on a consecutive operation
- Available to select a function for curved spacer, to control and operational height and conveyor belt speed(5 step)
- Easily controlable of all functions with Touch Screen and PLC program
- Possible to control the length of Butyl application and monitoring current production quantity on color Touch Screen

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