AGC to Expand Supply System of Cover Glass for Car-mounted Displays — As the industry’s pioneer, AGC is responding to strong demand—

AGC Asahi Glass (AGC), a world-leading manufacturer of glass, chemicals and high-tech materials announced today that it will strengthen its system to supply cover glass for car-mounted displays at its subsidiary AGC Display Glass Yonezawa Co., Ltd. (ADY; Head Office: Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture; President: Takashi Mitani) to meet strong demand.

The AGC Group sells cover glass for car-mounted displays, which is manufactured by adding several steps to the manufacturing process of Dragontrail TM—a chemically strengthened special glass. Those processes include chemical strengthening treatment, optical thin-film coating, and decorative printing. Since 2013, the Group has produced the cover glass on a dedicated line at ADY. Forecasting growing demand, the Group is increasing ADY’s production capacity, and plans to begin operation of the expanded production facilities from April this year.

The AGC Group has developed a chemically-strengthened cover glass for displays that is suitable for mounting on a car. Clear, hard and gloss-finished glass is widely used in construction and interiors, because the material brings a sense of innovation and luxury to sophisticated designs. Besides, with the use of smartphones and tablet-type devices spreading rapidly in recent years, people have become more familiar with glass. Applying coating and decorative printing technologies, the Group’s cover glass for car-mounted displays improves the visibility and operability of carmounted navigation systems and driving information display panels. It has already been decided to use the cover glass in more than 30 car models. The AGC Group, as a leading manufacturer of cover glass for car-mounted displays, will expand its cover-glass supply system to meet further increases in demand. The Group is also preparing to massproduce cover glass for car-mounted displays featuring a three-dimensional curved surface and more sophisticated designs.

Under the management policy AGC plus, the AGC Group manufactures products that provide “safety, security, and comfort” to society, and creates “new value and functions” for customers. As the pioneer of cover glass for carmounted displays, the Group will continue to promote technical innovations that give products the added value that satisfies customers.

Source: ASAHI GLASS CO.,Ltd.