Dipl. Ing. Jutta Albus

Dipl. Ing. Jutta Albus

Universität Stuttgart

Dipl. Ing. Jutta Albus is an architect specializing in prefabrication and automated building construction processes. She is an academic researcher and assistant professor at the department of architecture at University of Stuttgart, where she lectures at the Institute of Building Construction Chair 2 (IBK 2).

Focus of her architectural work is to integrate obtained knowledge of research and academia into the architectural and socio-cultural context. The close interlinking of both disciplines enables the development of progressive design and planning strategies, providing resource efficient architectural solutions by applying emergent technologies and manufacturing methods in building construction.

Prior to her academic career, Jutta worked for Goshow Architects, New York (U.S.A.), Hamilton Associates, London (UK) and Santiago Calatrava LLC, Zurich (CH)/New York (U.S.A.) During her time at Santiago Calatrava LLC, Jutta was assigned to numerous outstanding projects, including New York’s WTC World Trade Center Transportation Hub, the Chicago Spire in Chicago, or the Citta dello Sport in Rome. While leading the Spire’s Design team, Jutta relocated to the New York office.

Her current work focuses on automated processes in building construction and the use of advanced technologies for residential constructions. Concentrating on the research of progressive sustainable building technologies, Jutta published articles for journals and conferences and lectured at renowned architectural institutions, i. e.  Columbia GSADD, WIA AIA New York, Cornell University, and more. 

Through her employment with Stuttgart University, Jutta was notably involved in glasstechnology live, an expert platform within the framework of the glasstec fair. Concentrating on glass applications in the building sector, her responsibilities include the organization of this exhibition, collaborating with industry and research partners, as well as coordinating the architectural symposium.