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Which means of transport can we use free of charge with the admission tickets?

Which public transport services will we use to get to Messe Düsseldorf?

How do we get to Messe Düsseldorf by car?

How is a barrier-free journey to Messe Düsseldorf possible?

How do we get to Messe Düsseldorf with a wheelchair from Düsseldorf main station?

We are looking for a lift to Messe Düsseldorf. Can you help us?

Are there organized group trips?

We would like to travel with a group from abroad. Can you name a contact person? .

Who can answer my questions about the visa?

Can you cover our travel and hotel expenses?

Where can we park?

How much does parking in the visitor parking lots cost?

Where can we find handicapped-accessible parking spaces?

Where can I park as a journalist?

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Where do I park my motorhome?

Are there any additional costs?

Can I camp?

Are there sanitary facilities in the Caravan Center?

Can I reserve a pitch for the Caravan Center?

Where can I order tickets online?

What do I have to consider when ordering discounted tickets online?

What payment options are available in the online shop?

We have problems ordering tickets online. Can you help us?

Where can I get tickets at short notice?

What payment options do we have at the box office?

Where can I buy tickets in advance?

As a teacher, I attend a mass with a group of students. Do I get a discount?

I am a foreign student. Do I get a discount?

I have a disability card. Do I get a discount?

I am disabled and I am accompanied. What entrance fee must my companion pay?

I can not come to the trade fair. What do I do with the tickets I bought?

Is there a deadline for my visitor admission ticket, do I have to attend the trade fair on a certain day of the duration?

Does the admission ticket also include free travel with the VRR public transport system?

Can Messe Duesseldorf book accommodation for us?

Can you recommend a hotel near the fair?

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Can we rent a wheelchair for the duration of our visit to the fair?

Do you offer childcare during the fair?

Can I leave my luggage anywhere for the duration of my visit to the trade fair?

I am meeting business partners / friends at the trade fair. Is there a central meeting point?

Is it permitted to bring pets to trade fairs?

What is the Premium WIFI Voucher?

Is there a lost and found office on the exhibition grounds?

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Where is the Press Center located?

When is the Press Center open?

What services does the Press Center offer?

What are the requirements for an online accreditation?

How do I accredit myself on site?

Who helps me with individual inquiries?

Do I need a separate film and photo permission?