LiSEC takes over Glastronic (Hungary) and is massively expanding its business with used machines

General Managers of Glastronic: Dr. Anita Panowitz (Administration, Production, IT) and Bernhard Scheidl (Purchasing, Sales, Engineering)

LiSEC, the world market leader for plants and software for the processing of flat glass, has taken over one hundred percent of Glastronic, a part of the Jüllich Group. The contract was concluded on September 1st. The parties agreed to keep the purchase price confidential.

Glastronic: Everything depends on the right experts.

Othmar Sailer, CEO of the LiSEC Group: ”The Business Unit’s used machines strategy is simple, however, it was vital to find the right partner“. Via the newly acquired company LiSEC will exclusively purchase used LiSEC machines, overhaul them according to the customers’ requirements and resell them. The company will keep its name Glastronic, however with the suffix ”Member of the LiSEC Group.“ The logo and the overall appearance of the company will be adapted to the LiSEC corporate design guidelines. Dr. Anita Panowitz who will manage the new company together with Bernhard Scheidl: ”For us, it was important to transact the business with used machinery via an independent enterprise. On the one hand we are thus able to be very fast and, on the other hand, the cost structure remains lean.“ Bernhard Scheidl, who will manage the purchasing, sales and engineering: ”Worldwide, LiSEC has a very large installed basis of plants and machines – the potential is therefore enormous. We will now proactively address the purchase and sale of used LiSEC machines and we are glad to have found a partner with Glastronic who is experienced in machines for the processing and machining of flat glass. The Glastronic employees are well-acquainted with LiSEC plants. The company was established in 1990 and many of the 29 employees have been with the company right from the beginning.“ The acquisition by LiSEC won’t change a thing in terms of the headcount: all Glastronic employees were taken over. It is not only the installed basis of LiSEC plants which is very large, the plants of the LiSEC brand are also very popular as used plants. Scheidl: “The LiSEC plants are designed and constructed in such a high quality standard that they are still a highly interesting option after ten or even 15 years.“

Glastronic, a Member of the LiSEC Group: the Services

As a part of the LiSEC Group, Glastronic will in the future acquire used LiSEC machines, overhaul them according to the customers’ requirements and resell them. The company will also cover the installation and the service of used machines and will ensure the availability of spare parts. Scheidl: ”It is still open whether the team in Hungary will also realize minor manufacturing orders in the future. They do in any case possess the capacity and the knowledge“. Sailer: ”I am sure that with our highly motivated team in Hungary we are able to walk away with the our slogan ’best in glass processing’ also in the field of used machines. I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new colleagues and I am looking forward to our cooperation.”

LiSEC: Business Unit Used Machines

Since the middle of 2015, LiSEC has introduced a Business Unit structure. All core competencies required to expand a product segment quickly and close to the market are now bundled in one Business Unit. Sailer: ”With the structure of the business units, we will be able to act much faster than in the past; the speed of development and time to market are more important than ever before “. Currently, LiSEC consists of the following Business Units: Logistics, Cutting , Insulating glass production, Processing, Tempering, Laminating, Hardening, Software and Used Machines, the Glass Forum as well as the spacer production in Shanghai for the Chinese market.

Source: LISEC Holding GmbH