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Specialist Article No. 1: Glass off the roll


Thin glass – as thin as a razor blade or a human hair – is a reliable method to protect smartphone touchscreens, sensitive filters and sensors. Yet despite its extreme thinness, it is also highly resilient and scratch-proof. Furthermore, thanks to its flexibility and bending properties, it permits totally new applications in architecture, mobility and other industries...
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Specialist Article No. 9: Glass in Interiors: Creating a Mood with the Help of Top Functionalities


Stairs, partitions, furniture, wall panels, banisters and parapets - the uses of glass in a house know no limits. As the material provides an unlimited range of design possibilities for architects, interior and furniture designers thanks to the interplay of light, reflections, transmission, colours and textures, glass in interior design offers an innovative alternative to Wood...
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Specialist Article No. 7: Efficient workflow


Efficient workflow: automation and digitisation reduce production and handling costs Cost cutting, it is often said, is difficult in glass production and processing as this sector is characterised by manual processes. At the forthcoming glasstec 2016, however, the industry will prove the opposite: further savings are to be expected through innovative approaches for automation, smart...
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Specialist Article No. 6: Structural glass engineering


Architects of prestigious buildings – whether in culture, politics or business – have always used glass as a design element. Yet today’s functional buildings tend to have shapes that go much further than pure expediency, and glass is therefore used more and more frequently as a structural support element. Historic, 19th-century ...
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Specialist Article No. 5: Interactive glass melds together IT and architecture


Touchscreen displays, LED technology and ultra-thin glasses: The multifunctional diversity of glass in IT and architecture will, in the long term, lead to a combination of both. Buildings, resi-dential houses and public roads will turn into information media and control elements. Buildings will carry information on their façades about the things that take place inside...
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Specialist Article No. 4: Modern glass façades: air conditioning and energy production included


Modern, transparent and prestigious – large glass façades are very much in vogue for office complexes and industrial buildings. Yet their use only makes sense in terms of energy savings and cost effectiveness if they also have air-conditioning functions and help the energy supply. The glass industry is therefore keen to promote the development of multifunctional windows and façade elements...
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Specialist Article No. 3: Industry 4.0 - automation and smart control engineering


How central are concepts such as Industry 4.0 – the “FOURTH INDUSTRIAL Revolution” – and Smart Factory among SMEs in the glass industry? Let’s have a glimpse at tomorrow’s processes which have partly become reality today and also at realities which are still a long way off in the future.
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Specialist Article No. 2: The future of quality insulation glass is multifunctional


Is there any way to enhance the technical properties of contemporary quality insulation glass, i.e. its Ug value, light transmission and sound absorption? Several major forums are currently discussing the limits of feasibility and realism. The good news is that there is no shortage of ideas. But what will prove to be feasible in the future?
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Specialist Article No. 1: From Niche to Mainstream: Photovoltaics make Inroads into Architecture


High costs, a lack of integration possibilities and interest on the part of architects – solar modules for building skin integration are still niche products. But this could soon change. Thanks to more efficient solar cells and new dimensions, shapes and transparency levels, modules are becoming cheaper and more versatile. This might make them a standard feature in new buildings.
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Specialist article No. 8: Glass innovations secure development potential for the crafts and skilled trades


The crafts and skilled trades are benefiting from the ever-growing diversity of the glass products range for building shells and interior design. Glass-processing companies but also associated trades and sectors, which are keeping track of the current trends and developments, are presented with a constantly expanding field of operation.
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