Setting the mood: SCHOTT’s lighting solutions feature in Chinese automobiles

Flexible SCHOTT® sidelights emit light homogeneously along the complete length of the fiber. Photos: SCHOTT.

When you think “car”, do you think “comfort oasis”? As we spend more and more time in traffic, our cars exceed their role as a mere means of transportation and become comfort zones where only the perfect lighting sets the perfect mood. SCHOTT, the German technology group and lighting experts, turn optical glass fibers into sophisticated light guides to create a perfect, natural atmosphere in the man-made environment.

“We are very happy to expand our business in China, now serving not only German automotive manufacturers but also uprising Chinese companies. We see a bright future for us on this market”, Dr. Frank Heinricht, CEO at SCHOTT, confirmed today at a press event in Shanghai.

“We recently integrated our SCHOTT® sidelights into the over-head counsel of an SUV model of a large Chinese car manufacturer”, Albert Chen, Managing Director of SCHOTT in China, explained. “We observe a clear trend in the Chinese automotive industry to include sophisticated lighting products into their interior designs. That is why we have been partnering with national players to develop new solutions”; he added.
Besides fulfilling the mere functional aspect of lighting, many new solutions play with ambient lighting to create special atmospheres. Glass optical fiber lighting elements redefine vehicle interiors by emphasizing contours and enable more subtle lighting. SCHOTT produces its fiber optic sidelights with technology from its headquarters in Mainz, Germany. The advantage of these SCHOTT® sidelights is that glass fibers emit light homogeneously along the complete length of the fiber, making this material superior to plastics. In addition, this solution can be installed flexibly and allows for a large a bending radius without compromising the light quality.

Tucked away from common sight lines, these SCHOTT® sidelights also add mood lighting to the inside of a car. The result is that a car’s interior feels more spacious and multifaceted, as this ambient lighting in the door, center console, and footwell strategically alters perceptions; passengers can adjust individual light colors to create a personal place that feels more comfortable.

These lighting fibers can also shift perception when passengers look through the sun roof. Subtle contour lighting detailed in the edges of a panoramic roof creates the illusion that the sun roof has evaporated, giving passengers unfettered views of the sky’s vastness. And when passengers step out of the car, they encounter accent lights—exterior fiber optic lighting in the running boards.

“The smallest improvements can have profound effects, and that’s especially true inside a car. By upgrading interior lighting with fiber optics, car brands can offer a more comfortable and spacious riding experience in the next generation of vehicles. After all, once you have appreciated the subtle touch of natural lighting during nighttime driving, you will not want to miss it”, Marine Lin, Sales Manager for Automotive Lighting at SCHOTT in China, added.