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At home behind Glass - glasstec 2016

Glass is probably one of the most versatile materials in the world – from the currently most spectacular building in the world, the glass bridge in China, all the way to the micrometer-thin insulation layers in batteries – almost everything is possible with glass, it seems. At the trade fair Glasstec in Düsseldorf, it was especially the architects who presented what glass is actually capable of.

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Sports On A Glass Floor?

Basketball or handball – not necessarily soft, non-physical sports like chess or archery – especially in handball athletes fall down very often, sometimes brutally. Now, if you imagine the floor is made of glass – you will probably doubt the practicability. And yet: Sports arenas with very special glass floors are actually being built.

Glass thinner than a hair

The manufacturer Schott is bringing a new kind of glass on the market, which is even thinner than hair. The “Ultra Thin Glass” could significantly increase the performance of smartphones within months. After all, glass enables particularly fast data transfer and uses less electricity than other material does…