Tiama to assert patent rights against Heye´s HiSHIELD Ranger 2 product

After successfully asserting patent rights in the past against its competitor Heye, Tiama S.A.S. is determined to file a patent infringement suit against Heye International GmbH with the goal to prohibit the sale of the current version of its „HiSHIELD Ranger 2“ product in Germany.

In order to obtain an establish proof on a potential infringement of Tiama’s European patent EP 1 147 405 B1, the global market player in inspection and quality control solutions for the glass packaging industry requested an inspection of Heye’s machinery during the 2016 „Glasstec“ fair. The Düsseldorf District Court granted the respective inspection order and the HiSHIELD Ranger 2 was examined by a neutral technical expert, who concluded in its written report that the patent is infringed. Tiama is now decided to file a patent infringement suit with the same court prohibiting the manufacture, sale and use of the HiSHIELD Ranger 2.

“The outcome of court proceedings is never certain and there is always the possibility that the court does not see an infringement, but in light of our own examination and the outcome of the expert opinion, we are convinced that we will prevail again in asserting our intellectual property rights”, says Olivier Colle, Manager of IP and R&D partnerships at Tiama S.A.S..

Tiama remains determined to defend against any violation of its intellectual property rights, which represent the essence of decades of intensive R&D activities in the field of glass inspection solutions.

The machinery consists of DESERT production machines for high-efficiency DESERT solar modules built specifically for extreme hot climate, such as can be seen in deserts or in tropical areas. Made solely in Germany and built using the latest in DESERT and TROPIC module production, the systems inlcudes all cutting-edge technology.

Certified DESERT solar modules, DESERT containers, DESERT power plants and DESERT manufacturing machinery built using pioneering DESERT and TROPICS technology are now fully set up, and ready to perform. But powering on the machinery has been a long time coming. Up until recently, this advanced piece of equipment had been waiting for clearance at a port in Brazil. Now that the formalities have been dealt with, both J.v.G. Thoma and its customer in Brazil can get production under way.

J.v.G. Thoma GmbH is a company whose vision has always been to harness the infinite power of the sun and convert it into an inexhaustible supply of energy. But a vision such as this requires global reach, and this project has opened new doors. Brazil is not only a gateway to South American cooperation, but also the launchpad to international reach and expansion.

Following the delivery of this initial order, J.v.G. Thoma GmbH will be looking forward to an ongoing collaboration with the Brazilian company. From setup and initial training to setting the scene for a ramp up, J.v.G. Thoma will be there to provide expertise and assistance. Moreover, the company will be jointly responsible, along with the client, for the successful integration of the DESERT solar module factory.

In the future, bigger DESERT power plants will be set up on Brazilian soil, and together with existing turnkey production systems, they intend to take up a large share of the products and assets this sector will possess locally. J.v.G. Thoma plans to build up a local network of sales agents that can extend a premium offering to neighbouring countries in South America. Eventually, the company hopes to be able to expand its customer base to clients in North America.

Hans Thoma, general manager from the Thoma-group, is eager to acquire a substantial market share in Brazil, a growing country with tremendous potential for solar energy output. Having complied with local official procedures (Inmetro, TÜV, Fraunhofer CSP) and cleared the way for future business collaboration, he expresses his hope that the solar industry will henceforth expand quickly.

”Being able to introduce Brazil to the infinite opportunities of a solar industry is a privilege for J.v.G. Thoma GmbH, and one that we are extremely grateful for. At the same time, this placed the ball squarely in our court, and the pressure to get the ball rolling quickly was high. Now that the lengthy initial formalities are out of the way, we can focus on making this project a success.“

The first DESERT solar module production in BRAZIL! Let
Source: TIAMA