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VGS system provide you to enjoy in all of the seasons of the year. It is protect you from bad weather conditions by doing not closed between 4 walls

  It is also adds a impressive beauty at your home’s exterior appearance while protecting your balconies or terraceses from dirts. You will enjoy by watching outside view while sipping your coffee& tea in a normal room temperature in all the seasons.

Profile System
framed, sliding, up and down turning features
Ventilation option
Can eliminate gaps between the panels and side strut profiles with special design of our plastic covers.
Easy to install engine on the frame. You do not need to remove all frame for rechanging the engine. 

All accessories are arranged in the profiles as not seen from outside.
Stainless, reliable and low-meintenance accessories
You can use with upto 120 N with Somfy or Becker engines.

Water Drainage System
Easily water drain in sloping ground without pressure.
Water drain profile is mountable to bottom profile
The assembly of the bottom-right and left-corner sealing covers

The panels are equipped with 4 pieces horizontal movable wheels which is maintenance-free.
The bearings which is used on motion system are polyamide-coated and high-quality
Stainless steel components are used on bearings
The panel profiles are resistant against the noise, abrasion, cold and hot.
Sealing and ventilation features
Upper and bottom profiles are equipped with brush seals
Brush seals are fixed to panel profiles instead of panels.

Material:Aluminium - glass
Used glass types:Tempered 8 / Laminated 4 +3  / 20,5 mm double glass
Color options for profiles:RAL 7016 - Eloxal- special colors
Color options for accessories: Color options for plastic accessories are black, grey and white
Max. width: 4000 mm
Max. height: 3000 mm

Colour Options
As an optional, able to paint with all the RAL colours.
Tempered and reliable glass partitions with thickness of 6mm, 8mm and 10mm
Glass panels are fixed as safely to top and bottom sides of the panel profiles with hidden screws.
As optional, it is possible to change easily glass panels places.

Exhibitor Data Sheet