Datapaq Ltd.

10 channel Furnace Tracker for glass tempering

Following customer requests, Datapaq has developed a ten channel Furnace Tracker for glass tempering furnaces that provides comprehensive temperature profiles for quality control purposes

Datapaq extends its Furnace Tracker product range, adding a new ten thermocouple channel model designed specifically for use in low-height furnaces. The data logger stores up to 18,000 readings per channel at intervals from 0.05 seconds to 10 minutes. Ceramic-coated and laser-welded, the 29 mm high thermal barrier ensures a long operational life. The ten and four channel Furnace Tracker systems for glass tempering furnaces accurately measure temperatures from all types of glass, including hard and soft-coated low-E glass. Thus, users can optimize cycle times and reduce energy costs. The accompanying software features comprehensive analysis and archiving functions and enables users to see quickly and easily what is really happening inside the furnace.