5000th LED lamp sold!

DELO Industrial Adhesives recorded the 5000th lamp sold and thus has quintupled its lamp sales within the past two years. The DELOLUX lamps developed and produced in-house allow easy, fast, reliable and particularly energy-efficient curing of photoinitiated adhesives.

“Ultimate process reliability, short cycle time and low costs for operation and maintenance are key criteria in industrial manufacture, providing the customer with a competitive edge”, says Dr. Wolf-Dietrich Herold, Managing Partner of DELO. “Our comprehensive range of LED curing lamps, combined with our light- and UV-curing adhesives, meets these requirements perfectly.”

The sale of the 5000th LED lamp proves that DELO succeeded in optimally satisfying the needs of customers all over the world by providing turnkey solutions consisting of adhesives and curing lamps. All curing lamps are “Made in Germany” and are developed and produced at the company’s headquarters in Windach. This is how DELO ensures that its customers always get the latest technology with maximum product quality and reliability.

The special features of DELO’s LED curing lamps include long-term stable radiation intensity (achievable lifetime of approx. 20,000 hours with low maintenance requirements and without loss of intensity), a narrow-band emission spectrum specifically selected for the adhesive used, and sophisticated optical systems generating intensive and absolutely even light distribution on the area to be cured. This results in maximum efficiency and reliability of the curing process at very low operating costs.

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