Grateful Glass Machinery Co., Ltd.

55mm Small Glass Double Edging Machine

This machine uses 16grinding wheels with 19mm conveyor, can process glass minimum 55*55mm and thinnest 1mm (the thickest will be decided by processing request and wheels’ quality). It’s very suitable for all kinds of small size glass products which demand high-precision polishing. Compared to manual grinding process, single edge grinding machine and so call single belt double edge grinding machine, Grateful 55mm small glass sheet double edge grinding machine has below advantages:
1. Upgrade the processing accuracy and polishing brightness which improve small glass sheet edge grinding techniques to a new level.
2. Improve processing efficiency and save labor for mass production.
3. Enlarge the width span for glass edged, solve the narrow width span for single belt double edge grinding machine, also solve the problem that it need readjusting when different widths of glass edging.
4. Edge the smallest glass width for high precision and high polishing. This technique makes Grateful machine competitive.