Lovati Fratelli SRL

75th Anniversary

We are proud to celebrate our 75th anniversary!
Established in 1939, our Company is known throughout the industry for excellence in engineering.
We manufacture and export all over the world a wide range of machines for shaped glass processing, which starts from the simple semiautomatic machines up to the most sophisticated CNC. Our machines are specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of heavy production with superior performance and minimal maintenance.
Lovati F.lli: 75 years of experience and continuous innovation!

Journey Through Time

  • 1939   Lovati F.lli is established in Milan, Italy

  • 1963   We produce our 1st glass working machine

  • 1968   Mr Angelo Lovati, current President, joins the Company

  • 1970   We produce our 1st fully automatic electromechanical machine for glass

  • 1973   Mrs Lory Lovati, current Sales Manager, joins the Company

  • 1975   We produce our 1st fully automatic electronic machine for glass

  • 1979   We produce our 1st CNC and open our new plant in Assago

  • 1980   We install our 1st machine in the USA

  • 1983   We go to Asia, installing our machines in Indonesia

  • 1984   We go to China with our machines and we produce our 1st numerical control loading unit

  • 1990   Our America branch opens in North Carolina, USA

  • 1996   We produce our 1st CNC with multiple heads

  • 2003   We start to produce our special CNC “Bem” and Mrs Corinna Lovati, current Export Manager, joins the Company

  • 2010   We increase our production range with the new drilling our routing machine “Alcor100”

  • 2012   We start to produce our new engraving CNC “Groove”

  • 2014   We proudly celebrate our 75th anniversary! And the story goes on…