Comercial Química Massó, S.A.

A choice of 4 qualities for your crown

Masso is continuously targeting the best refractory for your needs.


1/ From continuous improvment of our raw materials, we are able to propose two grades of Silica for crown of glass furnaces.

The first one "SE90" is famous since more than 15 years. It can reach application temperature in the crown until Max. 1600°C.

2/ The second one "FS" has very low content of impurity, no CaO, in order to be installed within Oxy-fuel furnace.

3/ The top quality sintered material remains the fused-grain Mullite MF-75 B, widely used in E-glass crown furnaces. We have more than 15 years of application for this Mullite who has been approved by German, Japanese and French leading companies.

4/ Our AZS SJ-33 will give you, at higher price, a total security in case of soda-lime glass.

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