Agr International Inc.

Agr's OmniLab System

The OmniLab™ testing system is Agr’s platform for fully automated laboratory capability on the production floor. The OmniLab™ incorporates two of Agr’s powerful sampling devices, the Dimensional Sampling Gauge and the Sampling Pressure Tester, into one totally integrated testing station. This automated system is designed to work unattended to perform a host of quality management functions including dimensional, weight, pushup, and bore/ID measurements as well as pressure tests, with all data correlated to mold and presented in one consolidated report.
The OmniLab™ system utilizes Agr’s Dimensional Sampling Gauge as the host machine and central sample management system for dimensional measurements and pressure tests. Operators have the latitude to create a wide variety of tests that can include any number of dimensional measurements plus pressure tests, all from one location. Key features offered with the OmniLab™ product include:
– Seamless integration of Agr dimensional measurement system with pressure testing
– Ready communications for existing commercial process control systems
– Multiple device interface and management of samples including correlation of data with common mold numbers and control of ware flow (from the line, through the Dimensional Sampling Gauge and to other down-stream testing and measurement devices).
– Management of flexible test protocols per job
– Capture, display and correlation of data from multiple devices in one location