Air Products Implements First-Ever Integrated Oxy-fuel Combustion System for Water Glass Producer in Asia

Air Products (NYSE:APD) recently implemented its integrated oxy-fuel combustion system for Oriental Silicas Corporation (OSC) in Taiwan, the first water glass producer in Asia to adopt this innovative combustion technology. The system helps OSC improve product quality, reduce emissions, and increase productivity in its water glass (sodium silicate) lumps production process.

The integrated oxy-fuel combustion system includes the supply of Cleanfire® HRiTM oxy-fuel burners, flow control skid and the recently started up 2500Nm3/hour PRISM® vacuum swing adsorption (VSA) oxygen generator. The PRISM VSA oxygen generator provides reliable oxygen using a leading-edge technology which maximizes efficiency and significantly reduces energy requirements, making it an economical oxygen source. Air Products also provides oxy-fuel combustion system commissioning and related on-site consulting services to OSC.

OSC manufactures and sells precipitated silica (white carbon) to a wide range of industries including tires, footwear, silicone rubber, dentifrice, food additives, and battery separators. The company also produces water glass, which is a crucial element in the synthesizing process of precipitated silica. OSC has been expanding its business over the last 30 years and serving both local customers and overseas markets including China, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia, as well as U.S. and Europe. The adoption of Air Products’ integrated oxy-fuel combustion system enables OSC to lower its emissions while improving productivity to support its business growth.

“For more than 50 years, Air Products has been providing our oxy-fuel solution to different types of glass manufacturers to help them reach their emission targets and reduce fuel consumption, while improving product quality and productivity. We are honored to be selected by OSC, the first water glass producer in Asia to adopt the oxy-fuel combustion system,” said Saw Choon Seong, vice president and general manager, Merchant Gases - Asia at Air Products. ”It reinforces Air Products’ position as a global leader in oxy-fuel combustion technology and demonstrates that our experience and expertise are well acknowledged by different segments of glass customers.”

“Water glass is used in a wide-range of industries such as building materials, textiles and water treatment, just to name a few, and its market demand in Asia has been growing. Therefore, water glass producers will be among the broad array of glass customers that we will work with to help enhance their competitiveness and achieve sustainable growth,” Saw added.

With over 50 years of experience in oxy-fuel technology, Air Products offers an integrated oxy-fuel solution, from gases supply to oxy-fuel burners and technology, customized control system, technical and design expertise, commissioning service, safety and site training, maintenance contracts, and project management. Air Products has installed more than 1,500 Cleanfire® burners around the world. The company’s integrated oxy-fuel solution can bring glass manufacturers benefits including a roughly 80% reduction of nitrogen oxides emissions, an over 25% increase in productivity, reduced capital expenditures, a 25-60% energy savings, and improvement in efficiency and glass quality.

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