Air Products Technology Supplies Industrial Gases for AGC Glass Factory in Czech Republic

Air Products (NYSE: APD) has recently installed an air separation unit (ASU) for AGC Glass Europe, the world’s largest producer of flat glass. The state-of-the-art cryogenic PRISM® ON300 plant, now successfully operating at AGC’s Teplice factory in the Czech Republic, produces pure oxygen and nitrogen and represents a significant part of AGC’s rebuilt float glass production line. This is the first time in Europe that the float glass production line has been equipped with a stand-alone ASU.

The delivery of this technology is the result of a long-term gas supply contract between Air Products and AGC Glass Europe. This contract further strengthens the relationship between companies, which began almost 20 years ago in the Czech Republic.

Pavel Kolouch, Air Products’ business manager, Generated Gases–Central Europe /UK & Ireland, commented, “At Air Products, we share AGC’s passion for ‘Glass Unlimited.’ It is a great achievement for both parties and an opportunity to continue our growth with AGC, a world-leading company in the glass industry. This is one of the largest investments of its kind in Europe.”

The custom-built PRISM® ON300 plant installed in Teplice factory uses air separation technology by cryogenic distillation. The plant is capable of producing 300 tons of oxygen and 170 tons of nitrogen per day.

Pavel Šedlbauer, senior director, Primary Operations, AGC Glass Europe SA/NV, Chairman of the Board of AGC Flat Glass Czech a.s., part of AGC Group, stated, ”In the PRISM® plant, we not only have a product that is tailored specifically for the glass industry, but also provides AGC with the reliability and confidence needed to run a float line on oxygen, 24 hours a day, for the life of our furnace. These are real benefits to AGC and will help us deliver our goals to produce the highest quality glass in an increasingly competitive market.”

The glass industry is one of great importance to Air Products who continuously works with customers around the world to improve glass quality and production, whilst lowering total costs and emissions of greenhouse gases to the environment. Innovation is a key ingredient to this success, and Air Products continually invests in R&D and product development activities, including advanced air separation techniques, as well as applications technologies where Air Products has a leading position with the Cleanfire® HRi™ range of burners.

Source: Air Products/AGC Glass Europe/