Astronergy Donates Solar Panels to Hwa Chong’s New Teaching Wing

Hwa Chong International School (HCIS) will soon be able to experiment with the use of clean energy in its new teaching wing along Bukit Timah Road starting January 2015 with the support of Astronergy, a leading solar photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturer and downstream PV project developer based in China. Astronergy has donated PV panels for a solar-powered roof to be installed at Hwa Chong’s new teaching wing, powering lightings at common areas.

This project is in line with Singapore’s SolarNova programme, which will see solar PV installations with a peak capacity of 350 Megawatts on government buildings by 2020. With the unique opportunity to gain physical access to a solar energy system on campus and the availability of authentic real-time energy generation data, students of HCIS will, in collaboration with the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS), embark on research studies into solar power as a viable source of sustainable energy, taking a step in the advocacy for the use of clean energy alternatives. HCIS’ solar PV system and its performance will also be listed in Singapore’s National Solar Repository (NSR), which was re-launched by SERIS at the recent Asia Clean Energy Summit (www.solar-repository.sg).

Assoc Prof Tan Kim Seng, Chairman of the Board of HCIS, said, “The valuable learning generated in this initiative will deepen the students’ understanding of the potential of solar energy within land-scarce urban environment of Singapore, and raise their awareness in Singapore's efforts in reducing dependence on non-renewable energy sources. We are thankful for the kind donation from Astronergy and the value to the education of our students in this emerging field.”

Mr Nan Cunhui, Chairman of the Chint Group, Astronergy’s parent company, was delighted to be able to contribute to the future of a better world through education. He said “educating the younger generation on solar energy will build the momentum for a better environment and world through the use of clean energy alternatives. Astronergy is only too happy to be able to play a role in the learning of the students in HCIS through this donation.”

In supporting HCIS students in their learning from the installed solar panel system, Professor Armin Aberle, Chief Executive Officer of SERIS, said “We are glad to assist Hwa Chong International School in taking their first step towards embracing a green learning environment. The students will learn, and see, how clean electric power is generated from the most abundant and most readily available energy source on Earth - sunlight. With SERIS’ state-of-the-art PV monitoring system, the school will be prominently put on the solar map of Singapore.”

Chairman of the Chint Group, Mr Nan Cunhui, and Assoc Prof Tan Kim Seng, Chairman of the Board of HCIS, will sign a donation agreement in Singapore on 24 November 2014 at 11am. Installation of the panels will commence soon with the support from Phoenix Solar, a Singapore-based PV system integrator.

Source: Astronergy /astronergy.com