Bürkle supplies Coating Lines for the Production of Anti-Light Reflective Coated Solar Glass

Leading Solar Glass Suppliers around the world rely on Bürkle’s process experience and high-quality Roller Coating Machines for the application of Anti-Light Reflective (AR) Coating Materials onto Glass used as front glass of solar modules. AR coating reduces the reflection of the incoming light and increases the light transmission through the glass. Since more light will contact the solar cells this additional energy improves the overall efficiency of the solar modules.
Bürkle’s 90 years of coating experience is the key to the success for the application of ultra thin liquid anti-reflective coating materials using a Roller Coating and Drying System. The Roller Coating process, unlike spray coating, deposits a consistent and uniform layer of material in high volume production environments across the module.
Process control and uniform coating are important aspects of any coating process, but the Bürkle Roller Coater “” is an ideal tool for this high volume application. Oliver Meisriemel, Bürkle Coating Product Manager, says that roller coating is an ideal process minimizing material loss and providing a predictable coating thickness. AR coating materials are mostly single layer nano-porous silica-based systems. With the Roller Coating Machine a wet coating thickness of 5 to 15 µm can be achieved. After drying the layers are 100 to 200 nanometers thin. “Any non-uniformity of the applied coating materials can be easily seen due to different color appearances. With a Bürkle Roller Coater you achieve a perfect looking surface” says Oliver Meisriemel.
Bürkle’s Roller Coating experience and technologies span hundreds of applications from wood lacquer coating to stainless steel chemical etchants to photoresist applications on printed circuit board innerlayers.
In addition to the Roller Coating and Drying System, Bürkle can provide handling equipment and transport systems for a complete turnkey manufacturing line.

Source: Bürkle USA/E-mail