BENTELER Automotive: Automotive division extends laser competence

A subsidiary of BENTELER Automotive has acquired two branches of activity from the insolvency assets of Wilco Wilken Laser GmbH & Co. KG on 01. September 2014.

"Through the acquisition of the laser systems we can continue to ensure that we are able to provide our usual capacities of structure products with consistent high quality to our customers. " expressed James Sheehan, Managing Director BENTELER Automobiltechnik GmbH.

The company Wilco Wilken was founded in 1979 and operates 16 lasers in the BENTELER supplier parks at Talle and Weidenau exclusively for BENTELER with about 100 employees at both locations. These branches will be transferred into an independent BENTELER subsidiary with all the employees of Wilko Wilken and will operate in the future as BENTELER Laser Application GmbH.