BOD Group presents a new trademark Soli Tek

Companies Baltic Solar Solutions and Baltic Solar Energy that belong to BOD Group, together with partners Via Solis present a new trademark SoliTek. This trademark combines the PV cells and modules manufacturing as well as solar energy solutions deployment.

SoliTek is the international PV cells and modules manufacturer and supplier offering solar energy system solutions. PV cells and new generation Glass/Glass modules are manufactured using the latest innovative technologies. The PV cells are laminated between two special 2mm thickness glasses that are resistant for various atmospheric impacts. This solution increases PV module efficiency by more than 6%.

SoliTek goal is to become a reliable partner for companies working in renewable energy field.

The vision of SoliTek – to turn the renewable energy sources into human’s daily life by providing the solutions that create the additional value to the customers.

The mission of SoliTek – to focus on advanced technological solutions.

SoliTek facts:

- SoliTek is based in the most modern and innovative manufacturing facility in Central and Eastern Europe. The building employs geothermal heating and colling for the premisses as well as for manufacturing equipment.
- The building area is more than 30 000 square meters.
- The annual capacity of solar cells and modules contains more than 75 MW.
- The building use other renewable energy sources like solar energy (15 Kw installed on the roof of the building), hydro and wind energy.
- SoliTek has the offices in Vilnius, Tallinn, Riga, Munich, Paris, London and Minsk.
- More than 200 people are working for SoliTek all around Europe.

Source: BOD Group/