Bottero Hollow Glass wins 2013 HPC innovation excellence awards

This prize recognizes noteworthy achievements by users of High Performance Computing (HPC) technologies.

Bottero has presented the advanced CFD tools and simulation techniques utilized to improve the design of E-MOC, the innovative new family of Mold Opening and Closing (MOC) mechanism for the hollow glass industry.

This complex project combined the innovation, in terms of mold movement (speed and precision), cooling system, maintenance facility ("top mounted"), and maintaining compatibility with previous standards. This multidimensional aspect led to hard space constraints, requiring complex 3D kinematic schema, and required advanced CFD simulation and design tools. A high performance level was required for this mechanism, particularly regarding clamping forces in closed positions, force available at the beginning of the molds stroke, reduced closing time, absence of vibrations during movement, and robustness with respect to irregularities in air supply.

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