British manufacturer of products for Littles coffee, a new bank

Glassware manufacturer Beatson Clark and Company Rawlings joined forces to develop a new UK-based banks to coffee Little's. Firm Little's, located in the county of Devonshire, had trouble with his European supplier and are in search of the British manufacturer, which could provide it with glass containers for instant coffee. "We have focused efforts on uninterrupted supply, - the Little Will (Will Little) of the company Little's. - The company wanted to use the British manufacturer, and we were impressed with the competitive price and quality. Our coffee is sold in the segment of premium products, packaging and quality is important. Leadership like a light version of our banks, the cost and benefits to the environment. "

In the line of instant coffee, Little's has nine flavors. All are made from 100% Arabica and flavored hazelnut, French vanilla and spicy cardamom. The company also manufactures premium instant coffee, which is made of Kenyan, Colombian, Italian, and decaffeinated varieties of coffee beans.