CelSian Glass & Solar BV - organizational changes

Dear Sir/Madam,

Beginning 2012 we announced the transformation of the TNO Glass Group to CelSina Glass & Solar B.V. under the umbrella of TNO Companies. Since that moment the company has developed according to plan.
CelSian has expanded its staff and the company has moved to the fully modernized building, which used to be the Central Glass Laboratory of Philips, on industrial area Strijp-T in Eindhoven. There is now sufficient office and laboratory floor space to accomodate further growth.
All these actions have been motivated by the long term strategy to continue and maintain the position as independent and neutral supplier for the glass manufacturing industries world-wide for the key business areas: glass technology, modeling and simulation of glass processes, management of energy and emissions of industrial glass melting and trading of glass technologists.

The transition of CelSian towards a commercial organization after 30 years of history as the TNO Glass Group moves along the following path during the first three year of its existence (1) transformation and expanding staff, (2) strengthening the organization, (3) increase of efficiency and enable further expansion and (4) reinforce international cooperation with other leading organizations and university groups.

With this letter we want to inform you about two major organizational changes that are now foreseen for the coming 14 months. Ruud Beerkens has decided to end his remarkable career after 32 year of support and services for the glass manufacturing industries in June 2014. Ruud has always executed his work for TNO, Philips, CelSian and as professor on the Technical University of Eindhoven with more than 100% dedication, motivation and energy.

The management team of CelSian has designed a detailed 14 month´s plan to step-by-step transfer Ruud´s duties to other members of the staff. This extended period will allow a smooth transfer and the lowest possible inconveniece for our customers. During this transition period Ruud will remain acting as senior advisor for the CelSian Management Team.

The second major change in the CelSian organization will be the handover by Piet van Santen of his tast as Managing Director of CelSian to ir. Joris Goossens on 1 August 2013. Piet has laid the foundation of CelSian from the beginning of 2011 and acted as managing Director of CelSian since the transition on 1 January 2012.
Joris joined CelSian early February 2013 and is participating in the Management Team since then.

In the coming months you will observe a gradual shift of task by all involved.
Besides his role as managing director of the company Joris has already accepted the chairmanship of GlassTrend and he will also start as teacher in the Glass Technology courses.
Piet van Santen will focus his activities on business development and project management for the operational support systems supplied by CelSian (process control, on-line energy balance monitoring en soft sensing) and will support the further industrial applicability of new product developments (laboratory equipment and hard sensors).

We are convinced that the above mentioned developments will ensure long term stability, progress and continuity of services for the glass and solar industry.
We will keep you informed about further developments. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

Best Regards,

TNO Companies CelSian Glass & Solar B.V.

Victor Elsendoorn Piet van Santen
Managing Director Managing Director

Source: CelSian