Century-old Harrogate Chemist Shop Bottle the Inspiration for Slingsby Artisan Gin

Independent alcoholic drinks company, Spirit of Harrogate Limited, has launched Slingsby Artisan Gin - its hand finished, small batch produced ultra-premium London Dry Gin.

A brand new gin to market, Slingsby Gin is made with only the finest natural and locally sourced botanicals, Harrogate aquifer water and pure single grain spirit. The key botanicals are locally grown plants that are synonomous with the beautiful and restorative nature of Harrogate and the core juniper is complimented with other botanicals that have been sourced from around the world.

Slingsby Gin's bespoke blue glass bottle, developed by Allied Glass, further epitomises the Spirit of Harrogate and is inspired by a 19th century chemist shop bottle. A bold square shape with striking side indents, the bottle features fine embossing of William Slingsby's signature, who in 1571 discovered the unique properties of the natural spring water in Harrogate.

Co-founder and Joint Managing Director, Mike Carthy, comments:

"Put simply, we have sought to look at things differently and to provide the consumer with the "Spirit of Harrogate" in a bottle, to make every sip a truly wonderful experience that seeks to restore the body, mind and soul.

"Slingsby's elegant blue glass bottle plays an important role in the brand story. No detail has been too small and we are excited to have produced such a striking bottle of ultra-premium gin which really stands out amongst its competitors."

Michael Hogley, Head of Design and Decoration at Allied Glass, said:

"The design and production teams at Allied were thrilled to bring Spirit of Harrogate's concept to life, developing a bottle which highlights the heritage of the brand whilst also complimenting the contemporary vision of Slingsby Artisan Gin."

Source: Allied Glass Containers Ltd./