Coloured glasses add to the aesthetic value of rooms

Glass and colour - a combination with a special radiance. On no other ground do colours have such a brightness and appearance of depth as they do on glass. That makes coloured glass an extremely versatile design element in the field of interior design. The effect of coloured glasses is dependent on different factors like a the mode of production, colour application and the base glasses.

The colours can be applied to the glass in many different ways. Glass can get coated, printed, enamelled, sand-blasted or film-coated. And all of this without losing its constructive qualities. In composite safety glasses which, thanks to the films between the plates, offer a maximum level of injury protection, the films can also take over the design function. The various techniques make it possible to realize almost every design idea. Whether completely coloured, with repeating patterns or individual motives, whether artistic, decorative and/or as part of a design concept, with coloured glasses it is possible to create unique room effects.

Source: SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS Deutschland GmbH