A+W Software GmbH

Communicative, transparent, modern New A+W corporate headquarters with campus atmosphere

Evening color show: The cheerful orange acoustic panels make a contrast to the blue dusk sky - like 'royal blue', the CI color of A+W

A+W has created a modern, friendly office center in Pohlheim / Mittelhessen, Germany, right in the middle of the charming park-like landscape of the previous Voko* premises, which was designed especially for the needs of the people who work here. An environment for challenging mental work: This idea shaped the concept and the amazingly friendly arrangement of the innovative office land-scape.

Room for development

The new buildings offer space for more than 150 employees. A+W software experts are excited about their new work environment with its spacious possibilities for creative development and research, project work, customer service, training and customer meetings. The translucent design with views through the spacious office units into the beautifully laid out park promotes communication between employees and creates a harmonious and comfortable work climate. The open design is supported by the fresh accents and light appearance of the table systems with matching cabinets and containers. Gas lift, height adjustable tables can be installed on request.

All offices face toward the park; the functional areas are in the interior of the buildings. High-tech LED illumination, partially in combination with skylights, picks up the daylight color spectrum and provides natural lighting at the work places and in the communication zones.

A+W CFO George Evers, who managed and had the inspiration for the renovation: “Despite occasional skepticism at the beginning, our employees have reacted positively and some are even thrilled with our new place of business. Nevertheless, many individual offices have been replaced by the Open Space concept. I have not met anyone that has seen this as a disadvantage." Robert McKinney, translator and author of technical documentation, adds: "I believe that the concept has to be seen and felt to understand that Open Space has nothing to do with the impersonal dry large space concepts of the past decades."