Digital Printing Solution / Dip-Tech AR Series

Dip-Tech AR Series digital in-glass printers, designed for use with dedicated ceramic inks, is the most versatile and advanced in-glass printer series available. Going far beyond the capabilities of traditional screen and UV digital glass printing machines, this series of digital ceramic printers bring you more choice, more flexibility, and more quality. Available in a variety of sizes, Dip-Tech AR Series digital in-glass printers fit almost any glass processor production floor and workflow.

One glass printing machine for all applications

Innovative digital glass printer that uses ceramic inks-Ideal for both external and internal architectural and automotive applications
A glass printing machine that supports virtually any pane size - Up to jumbo glass*
Unmatched print quality - Up to 720 dpi and micro-drop precision
Opacity control - Controls the density of the printed layer
Drop-on-demand - Enables edge-to-edge printing

Highly efficient digital glass printing workflow

This high-throughput digital ceramic printer-offers single-pass 6-color printing, with selectable print modes.

Ceramic digital glass printer that perfectly fits your production line - Onboard conveyer ensures fast and easy glass handling and easy pass-through flow
Revolutionary real-time drying built into the glass printing machine - Saves costs, time, space and energy; optimizes print quality and precision, particularly on fine lines and text
Fast, highly-automated ink management - Advanced ink system minimizes ink wastage, maintains ink stability, automates color switching and speeds up routine maintenance
Low glass printing production costs - The machine requires only a single operator

* Jumbo glass printing requires the Dip-Tech AR6000W Digital In-Glass Printer.

Source: DIP Tech Ltd./