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Measuring car windshields with the Proliner

The Proliner is worldwide known as a durable and effective measuring solution. With the Proliner glass companies can avoid expensive waste of glass, time, and therefore money. Compared to the traditional measurement methods, the Proliner is easier to use and at the same time faster and more accurate.

The Proliner can measure all kinds of objects (flat or bent). In the factory, you can digitize templates, actual glass pieces and molds Proliner measuring device (portable and digital)into 2D or 3D shapes. The portable measuring device is very useful for prototyping, reverse engineering and for quality control of samples out of production. The Proliner IS models are the perfect measuring machines for these kinds of high-end measurement tasks. Moreover, for companies dealing with double-curved shapes, such as windshields, Prodim offers an additional software solution, Prodim Unfold. In combination with the Proliner IS series, this solution flattens 3D models into 2D drawings.

On-site, you can collect measurements and create digital templates directly from openings and structures. It is an extremely portable and compact machine, with zero set-up time. Therefore, a fantastic solution to measure directly on-site: saving you from the stress and the costs of making wood templates or using other complicated and unfriendly solutions. The Proliner CS series is the perfect measuring device for companies working with flat glass or single curved glass. To complete their measurement, Prodim offers the Glass CT 3.1. This flat glass solution provides even more useful features for measuring flat glass, such as programming the measurement for production, adding practical information and generating customizable PDF reports/worksheets.

It does not matter how complex the measured object is, the Proliner can handle shaped windows, floors' and stairs’ balustrades, windshields, doors, backsplashes, shower cabins, decorative glass and much more, effortlessly and with great accuracy. The result of a measurement is a digital production-ready DXF file.

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