Germany’s most popular pilsner is setting new trends with a striking bottle developed and produced by Verallia Deutschland. The new and unmistakable bottle design presents the brand exclusively for bars, clubs and discos. Bottled beer is increasingly the preferred form of consumption among young and trendy people outside of the home. With the embossed Krombacher pilsner bottle, Krombacher Brauerei Bernhard Schadeberg GmbH & Co. KG is giving consumers an attractive bottle to hold in their hands and responding to the rising number of bottled beer sales in the gastronomy trade.

Unique shape emphasises the brand’s premium character

The distinctive 0.33l bottle is a contemporary interpretation of the brand, while staying true to the familiar brown colour. Unlike the traditional Krombacher bottle, the new embossed pilsner bottle is gently curved to make the bottle especially handy to hold. The wide, strong bottleneck enhances the sensation of enjoyment, delivering maximum drinking pleasure from the bottle. The embossed date of 1803 on the bottleneck symbolises over 200 years of Krombacher’s brewing expertise.

The new-look bottle radiates modernity and stylish design. At the same time, it incorporates core values such as continuity and character, while retaining traditional elements. The most striking feature is the embossed Krombacher coat of arms which covers a large area of the bottle, ensuring a tangible brand experience in the most literal sense of the word. The finished product is rounded off with a modern wrap-around label on the bottom section of the bottle.

Source: Verallia/