EME to Build the World’s Largest Container Glass Batch Plant in the USA

For EME Maschinenfabrik Clasen GmbH, a leading supplier of batch plants and cullet return systems for the glass industry, the USA has always been a dominant glass region with many opportunities. Currently, EME is undertaking a complex project in order to deliver the world´s largest container glass batch plant for production within a very tight timeframe.

The Modesto-based company Gallo Glass is continously planning for the future. These plans not only include the Batch Plant upgrade but also include Furnaces from Nikolaus Sorg GmbH. This has resulted in the need for building strategic parternships with experienced and reliable suppliers. EME has embraced this position of Gallo Glass´ and will deliver greater batching capacity and capabilities while ensuring that operational costs are reduced and plant availibility is optimized. The first phase of the project will be commissioned in late 2014 with the final phases being operational in the second quarter of 2015.

The scope of supply includes all key components for dosing, weighing and mixing to provide a precise and reliable solution. The control system for the complete batch plant will be a true PCS7 system featuring among others, redundant failsafe control systems, parallel batching and maintenance notifications.

Source: EME Maschinenfabrik Clasen GmbH/