EUROX Sauerstoff Mess-Systeme GmbH

EUROX Sauerstoff Mess-Systeme GmbH

EUROX Sauerstoff Mess-Systeme GmbH domiciled in Bergstraße 2, 95703 Plößberg was taken over in 2014 by HORN Glass Industries AG with all assets including patents of EUROX Sauerstoff Mess-Systeme, Wiesbaden due to an assets deal.

The customer advantage is that one of the leading glass manufacturer with his excellent measurement and control system and the oxygen measurement system work now hand in hand.

Through this collaboration innovative ideas in area of oxygen measurement can be developed and tested in step with actual practice.

Mr. Christoph Jatzwauk is acting as the manager of EUROX Sauerstoff Mess-Systeme GmbH beside his position as chief operating officer for Research and Development at HORN Glass Industries AG.

Also in future Mr. Rainer Gorris the founder of EUROX is going to lead the technic and is the highly competent contact person who makes the potential of his long experience and many years of know-how available to the customer.