EU ProSun calls for the sun to shine at Paris Climate Conference Solar manufacturers applaud Modi initiative

European solar manufacturers, represented by EU ProSun, urge the 196 parties to the Paris Climate Conference COP21 to agree on a strong climate agenda and support for renewable energy.

“We urge world nations to drive the necessary public and private investment in the renewable energy
sector to combat climate change. EU ProSun applauds Indian prime minister Narendra Modi for launching the International Solar Alliance in Paris to promote solar power in developing nations. Solar is the key to build up decentralized and cost efficient electricity supply all over the world", said Milan Nitzschke,
President of EU ProSun. Solar power is already the cheapest and most efficient power source in many countries. In combination with innovative storage solutions, the power of the sun can be harnessed around the clock. Thus, the use of solar power technology enables economic development in areas where it was previously unthinkable.

Nitzschke concluded: "It's important to understand that the success of applying solar energy relies on the quality and longevity of solar systems. Several developing countries have had disastrous experiences with importing very cheap but dumped products leading to bankruptcies in fledgling domestic industries, and to a lack of acceptance for investment in solar."
EU ProSun believes that to promote solar energy, the nations of the world must agree to:

· Efficient instruments to finance private and commercial solar installations.
· Electricity markets reflecting the real value of decentralized and clean electricity supply and consumption.
· International technology transfers and exchange of experience, for example through
the International Agency for Solar Technologies & Applications (INSTA) initiated by Prime Minister Modi.
· Application of concrete quality, social and environmental standards, to ensure sufficient lifetime and performance of solar products and installations, and to incentivize state of the art manufacturing.
· Enforcement of fair trade rules that reject solar dumping which distorts markets and destroys local manufacturing capabilities, hampering technological development.

Source: EU ProSun/prosun.org