Pneumofore S.p.A.

Efficient Compressors and Vacuum Pumps for IS Machines

When the gob enters the IS machine mould, compressed air is pushing and vacuum is pulling. It is the crucial and critical step of the long and complex glass moulding process. At Glasstec 2012, Pneumofore is glad to participate again with booth C31 in hall 12, and to present the results in pneumatic systems engineering due to top achievements in worldwide installations for hollow glassworks.

Rotary vane compressors, air cooled, with pressures from 2,5 to 10 bar(g) and installed power up to 280 kW are successful thanks to latest improvements devoted to higher efficiency, as the market demands. R&D efforts turned into mature solutions. The compressors are running round-the-clock and power meters count the costly kWh. The cost of energy is the largest share of the total Life Cycle Cost, thus better performance is clearly measurable in terms of operational costs. The innovation presented during this event is the extraordinary functionality of Pneumofore rotary vane machines offering now higher precision of lubrication and active sealing due to the new geometrical design. Such changes cause initial costs, that are recovered after few months only by spending less for electrical power supply.

Pneumofore's competence is based on the vaste experience regarding compressed air and vacuum systems design since 1923. Knowing the importance of correct pipeline dimensioning, choice of accessories and installation requirements, Pneumofore offers such service as integral part of its supply, which goes further than the machine alone. This attitude dedicated to long-term, trouble-free and lowest operational cost technology, has consolidated its position as key supplier for global glassworks.

Our Company collaborates with large cooperations having production sites spread worldwide as well as with local glass factories and with engineering companies. The cost analysis of compressors and pumps is typically quite relevant in glassworks because of the continuous 24/7 production demand and the non-tolerance for frequent service and repair. Such criteria are fully satisfied by the Pneumofore offer.