Electrovaya Partners with Canadian Solar for a Micro-Grid Energy Storage Project

Electrovaya Inc. a leading developer and manufacturer of lithium ion battery systems today announced that it will partner with Canadian Solar Inc., one of the world's largest solar power companies, for a micro-grid project. Electrovaya plans to provide a 200 kWh energy storage system which will feature its Lithium Ion SuperPolymer®2.0 technology.

The project is being funded by the Ontario Smart Grid Fund, through the Ministry of Energy. The funding supports projects that advance the development of the smart grid in Ontario and provide economic development opportunities. According to Ontario's Long-Term Energy Plan released last December, the government will design programs that will encourage innovative technologies and approaches, including consideration of proposals that integrate energy storage with renewable energy generation.

"We are pleased to work with Canadian Solar. This project is a start for more collaboration in this growing field of micro-grids," says Dr. Raj Das Gupta, VP of Business Development at Electrovaya. "Energy storage can bring a high value for solar photovoltaic systems (PVs) as it can store the surplus energy and enables PVs to become a reliable power source. We are committed to establishing a sustainable and reliable energy solution to Ontario by working with Canadian Solar on this project", said Dr. Das Gupta.

"In continuing our dedication to providing customers the highest value from their investment, we are pleased to be working with Electrovaya on this micro-grid project, where the solar energy can be stored in Electrovaya's batteries and provide high quality and reliable power to the user", said Dr. Shawn Qu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Solar Inc.

Source: Canadian Solar Inc. /Electrovaya Inc. /